Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There is a system at my house regarding the laundry. If you need to use the washing machine and someone else's clothes are in put their clothes in the dryer while yours are washing and then put their clothes in a basket so yours can dry.

This system was rudely interrupted this morning at home (which, I've finally almost finished painting the doors red. I just love my new house!)

I noticed a few days ago that the laundry I had done had been placed in a basket for me. It appeared dry. This morning I started folding the laundry before work and the roomie had placed it in the basket W.E.T.

Now, it has to be rewashed. Great. Just the thing I need...more laundry to do. I have a ton of deadlines at work and I'm trying to get those doors finished. I'm getting new cabinet doors in the kitchen soon and those will match the crimson color of the rest of the doors in the house. Yay!

hugs, love, and chihuaha kisses