Monday, November 26, 2007

8 things meme

My dear blogging friend, Kimmy, tagged me for this meme. As many of you have been interested in my lovely and wonderful man I thought I'd tell you 8 things about us.

1. As I told you in my last statement, like me, he is a Messianic believer. As I am sure most of you have picked up, being Messianic is a huge part of who I am. It is how I view the world and how I identify myself. Its just fabulous to have a man that believes as I do, observes Shabbat with me, and puts up with my house being .
full of Hanukkah junk (i right now.

2. Last week he "borrowed" my car and suprised me by putting an automatic car starter on it. Now, I just press a button from inside my apartment and its all warm and toasty when I go to get in it.

3. He loves my girls, and I love his dog--a huge giant standard poodle.

4. He encourages me to be the best believer, and person, that I can be.

5. We are kind to each other. I think that has to do with the fact that we genuinely love one another.

6. We have so much in common. We love the same movies, TV, music and past times. We even love the same foods. We just laugh the whole time we are together and have such fabulous fun.

7. He drops me texts and calls in the middle of the day just to remind me how much he loves me.

8. Did I mention he's gorgeous???

hugs, love and chihuahua kisses

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm absent from blogging because I am utterly and completely in love. More than ever before. I'm happy, peaceful, and the best I've ever been. He is wonderful, a Messianic believer, and very handsome. He loves chihuahuas, working, and his personality compliments mine very well. Its so wonderful to date someone that shares my moral and religious beliefs! I've dated lots and lots and lots of frogs since the divorce--stay tuned to see if he may be the Prince.

I hope that life is good for all of you too!

hugs, love and chihuahua kisses