Saturday, January 27, 2007

15%, 20%, 25%

So, one day last week I had a client cancel a morning appointment so I had a precious hour to do something for me. I went to get my oil changed at a place right by my office. It was about $5.00 more than I wanted to pay, but it came with a car wash (which was not optional) so I just went ahead and did it.

Then it came by to pay.

There was a place for the tip on the receipt that you sign when you pay with your bank card. At the bottom of the receipt it said "For you convenience, 15% = ..., 20% = ... and 25%=..." I was irate. Tip? To get my oil changed? Give me a break. After tax I paid almost $30.00 for an oil change.

Seriously people! Next time I'm going to Wal-Mart. At least there they don't want a tip.

hugs, love and 15% chihuahua kisses

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fashionable Business Blessings

Whew! What a busy week at work last week. I've really been praying that God would take control of my business, and bring me the clients I'm supposed to have, as I'm supposed to have them. After many moments of practically forcing myself to trust that only He is in control of who walks through my door, things have picked up and gone crazy! Praise to Him for such blessings!

My trip is half-way paid for, and should be almost paid for completely this time next month.

What happened to my fashion phase you ask? Well, I've recently bought these items--all on sale I might add! I also found these great silver boots that I've been wearing with my skirts, but I couldn't find a picture of them online.

Hugs, love and fashionably blessed chihuahua kisses

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Things I Currently Love III

1. Fashion. I have, overnight, become obsessed with fashion and all its...well...Accessories. I've become addicted to Elle, Vogue and a plethora of online resources. Boutique window shopping after work kids? Hey, I said I was into fashion, not buying fashion. I'm still saving for my Europe trip. You can donate toward my trip by using the Paypal button to the left of this post. Thank you to all who have already donated!!!

2. Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum. It makes me feel strong, independent and sexy. The cute pink dogs in the ads are also a big plus.

3. South Beach Diet. The North Pole Diet is sooo last year.

3. Sunsilk for flat hair. It keeps my oily hair clean all day and way into my single and fabulous nights.

4. In accordance with #1, The Devil Wears Prada.

What are you guys currently into?

Hugs, love and chihuahua kisses

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year Bark-a-lutions

**UPDATE** If you live in the Lake City area of Florida, please click here to help put a family back together. Please help get the word out on your blogs. Thanks.


Riley tagged me, Lil' fluffy Tzeitel, to tell all of you guys 5 of my new year's bark-a-lutions. So, I thought and thought and even talked it over with that other dog that Mommy lets sleep in the bed with us and I came up with the following.

1. Much like
Kukka-Maria, I am fluffy, fine and fabulous (and I have good alliteration). I am determined to get a dedicated following of humans, and other species that can pet my fluffy fur on a constant and continual basis while I stretch and relax on an expensive chihuahua bed shipped to me straight from the fashion district in Manhattan.

2. Go to work with Mommy more. Lately, the puppy dog eye thing hasn't been working for me as she leaves to head to her office. I've got to figure out how to do this. I'm thinking I could get my own chihuahua sized briefcase and have it ready to go so she thinks that I will be productive in her office.

3. Take more naps.

4. Snuggle under the covers more.

5. Go to the PetMall more often. That means we want to go more than just when the Fat Man and that rabbit that hops around with those eggs are there, Mommy!

hugs, love and chihuahua kisses

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Secret Paws

It's here. It's here. We wait and we wait. That's a lot of waiting for such tiny chihuahuas, but our winter secret paw extravaganza is here. Our paw was Riley the Dog (and little sister Bonita said hi to us to!) We love it! Thanks Riley! Hugs, love and chihuahua kisses

Monday, January 01, 2007

NYE & Secret Single Behavior




--I love to snuggle under the covers all day long with my girls and watch brain rotting TV such as E!TV, MTV, and the Travel Channel.
--I love magazines.

I forgot to post my own SSB. I'll give you a few.

1. I like to turn the radio way up and dance like I'm on T.V.
2. most recent SSB is my new decorating phase. I have become obsessed with decorating my new digs and I am constantly window shopping for excellent sales. I've never really just decorated my place with a theme before. I've chosen dark reds and golds and the royalty theme. Imagine pink. :)


For the New Year, I am celebrating finally having almost everything I want. I love my life, my dogs, and I am trusting that '07 will be a continuation of the wonderous adventure the last several months of my life have been.

On Sex and the City, the girls have what they call "SSB," Secret Single Behavior. I decided after watching this episode several months ago that I was going to start making my own SSB list. I have made this a sidebar choice under Princess Watch '07. So, now, you can keep up with what I'm reading, my goals, and my SSB.

Leave a comment if you have (or had) your own SSB(s) and let me know what they are/were.

hugs, love and Happy New Year Midnight chihuahua kisses